Friday, February 10, 2012

Duduka Da Fonseca Trio Plays Toninho Horta, 2011

Brazilian drummer Duduka Da Fonseca has the ability to swing a small group, quietly and thoroughly, whether it be in a sort of modern post-samba-samba style or other related rhythmic feels as called for. His piano trio of self with David Feldman piano and Guto Wirtti on acoustic bass is both a very appropriate vehicle for his artistry and a piano trio of note in its own right.

That is shown quite convincingly on his recent Duduka Da Fonseco Trio Plays Toninho Horta (Zoho 201115). Toninho's pieces are memorable and the trio lightly but pulsatingly moves through them with a kind of effortless, quiet fire and virtuosity that classic Brazilian trios have done so well (the Zimbo Trio being the most famous). Add Duduka's trio to that list and put them near the top.

It's pure brilliance, Brazilian-Style. I don't need to say more, except perhaps you would do well to hear this one!

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