Monday, June 9, 2014

The Ali Ryerson Jazz Flute Big Band, Game Changer

I was communicating online the other day to a jazz-brother-running-buddy (I won't mention his name because if he does do what he says he'll want to announce it in his own way when ready) who was musing aloud about writing a piece for a large flute ensemble. In the course of what he was thinking-talking he mentioned Henry Brant's "Angels and Devils", a pioneering work of last century for flute orchestra--an incredible sounding sonance. I wasn't thinking but I should have mentioned the album on tap today, the Ali Ryerson Jazz Flute Big Band and their Game Changer (Capri 74124-2). There are 16 flutes in all manner of sizes-ranges. Hubert Laws, Holly Hoffmann and Nestor Torres are the main soloists. And then of course a rhythm section--Mark Levine, Rufus Reid and Akira Tana.

A number of arrangers are responsible for the charts and they do well. The selections are chosen with care and good taste. Nelson's "Stolen Moments", Herbie's "Speak Like A Child", Trane's "Impressions" and a bunch of others, all good choices. The massive flute sound makes all the golden chestnuts breathe anew.

It's a sensual delight that gets to you in all the right ways.

Got flute? This is FLUTE! Hear it.

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