Monday, November 9, 2015

Julian Julien, Terre II

I have not been previously exposed to the music of Julian Julien before but I am very glad to make its acquaintance now. The latest, Terre II (self-released) is a set of compositions in a sort of ambient pulsating mode for a mid-sized ensemble that includes vocals, reeds, guitar, cello, percussion, keys, electronic ambiance, etc.

There is improvisation involved (well done) and an overall cohesion compositionally that gives the ensemble a spacey consistency born of Julian's clear objectives. The music is harmonically based, colored sound that has a homogenized togetherness that is on the artist side of musics that might otherwise be classified as smooth or new agey. This is music too contentful to be relegated to that realm.

Yet it has a kind of universal appeal that might attract listeners not often inclined toward the new. The writing for horns and cello stands out as singular.

I find myself liking this music as I listen more. It is distinct; it holds its own. It is not what one might expect but a good listen puts you on its wave-length. Lend your ears to this one for a new wrinkle!

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