Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Burton Greene Trio, Peace Beyond Conflict

Those who have followed the trajectory and development of "Free Jazz" in some depth should be familiar with the music of pianist Burton Greene. He has been a vital force on the scene since his first albums on ESP in the mid '60s. (Type his name in the search box above for a number of review discussions on this blog.)

His discography is extensive and filled with some excellent sessions. I am happy to say that things keep on. Today I am on here to consider a New York live trio session from 2003.  now only recently available, that is entitled Peace Beyond Conflict (Birdwatcher Records). The conjunction is an excellent one with Burton of course on piano, Adam Lane on bass and Dave Brandt on drums.

Adam Lane anchors the trio with strength and flexible interplay, whether soloing overtop or sharing the aural space in a three-way. Dave Brandt sounds right on the drums, helping spur the music on with freetime looseness and sound color sensitivity. Burton is in great form, percussive and effervescent (like on "Gnat Dance") or lyrically legato and balladic in turn (like on the title work "Peace Beyond Conflict"), always with his own sound, his own sort of fire and grasp.

Four pieces grace the session, three Burton compositions and one by Ali Akbar Khan. The eighteen minute "Carnival of Mother Kali" uses Khan's line as a springboard for a quasi-Indian openness that intrigues and gives you much to consider.

In the end we have a vibrant set that forms a welcome addition to the Greene corpus and will no doubt give you much to enjoy in extended listens. Highly recommended. 

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