Monday, February 8, 2021

Jean-Marc Foussat, Thomas Lehn, Spielgelungen


Any follower of my blog no doubt has read a review or two on the music of live electronics wizard Jean-Marc Foussat. Now there's another--an interesting duet of synths with Foussat and Thomas Lehn,  Spielgelungen (Fou Records FRCD31). 

It's an hour long CD of a live concert recording from March 2017 of the two improvising electronic sound structures in Paris  It shows a seamless dual stream of sound in motion, a pitch and noise based comingling that has an inventive linear unfolding, built of fairly thick impastos of sound poetics. generally more electronics generated than concrete transformed with the exception of Foussat's voice which appears as an integral part of the mix without calling attention to itself per se. There are other concrete transformations if one listens for them but the basic mode is synth-generated sound, and that of course is expected and well done. 

The point is the continuous inspired production of musical-sound events that relate one to the other in a long flowing language of electronic Modernity. It is often importantly about long sustains with layers atop of shorter, somewhat more staccato sound figures. Loops too make an important presence without ever completely overtaking the wider blend. Anyone who knows Foussat's work will find this engaging but also a coherent working out of new sounds in ways consistent with Foussat's style. And in that way Thomas Lehn fits right in nicely.

The horizontal narrative quality of the sound structures recall classic old school works without directly referencing them. The emphasis is on spontaneity and forward motion.

It is a fairly long stretch of continuous music at an hour's length but the time passes quickly thanks to the consistently high interest level of the music. Thoroughly recommended.

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