Thursday, October 12, 2023

Kevin Sun, The Depths of Memory


You are lucky when there is a new artist, when a new artist emerges with a fine tuned concept and a talent to realize it. Or at least I feel lucky when encountering such a thing. This is happening with Chinese native New York jazz tenorman-composer Kevin Sun and his double album The Depths of Memory  (Endectomorph Music EMM 015).

Creative arpeggiations, chordal sequences, harmonic-melodic progressivity,  and sculpturally alive lines enable free expressions to thrive with Sun's tenor, in creational overdrive and compositional profundity, Dano Saul on piano in an exceptional expressive mode,  Adam O'Farrill triumphant on trumpet for 2/3rds of the session, then a righteous presence of an alternating rhythm section of Walter Stinson or Simon Willson on bass and Matt Honor or Dayeon Seok on drums. Compositional and improvisational sequences balance one another well in sophisticated and creative ways. The front line of tenor, piano and trumpet stand out but the entire ensemble is loose and effective throughout. This sounds thoroughly new and progressive yet definitely Jazz infused in a later Newish-Thing Blue-Note-and-beyond sort of way.

Molto-Bravo! Do not fail to hear this one. Stream the music and get an idea of its richness of theme and improvisation stylistics. Here is the Bandcamp link: