Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plotkin and Khlyst Not Strange Bedfellows

We took a look at James Plotkin's fine solo CD two days ago. Now we delve into the Khlyst CD Chaos is My Name (Hydra Head Records). Mr. Plotkin is involved in this group and his influence is surely important to its sound. In fact there is a haunting loop motif here that also is a thematic component to his solo venture.

Anyway so Plotkin and Khlyst are no strange bedfellows--meaning that they meld stylistically. This is evocative soundscape fused with what one might call extreme metal chamber music. There are moments for exorcist vocals and low-pitched moaning electric guitars that, since I played this one often at a high volume, made me wonder when the neighbors would call the cops. It's at the edge like that! And then there are those spacey soundscape sections that poetically resonate and give you peace.

It's well worth a listen if you have the spirit of adventure in you. If you don't I suspect you haven't gotten to this point in the posting, so that is your loss isn't it? But you aren't reading it anymore so myself and my fellow intrepid music hounds will just have to pat each other on the back for being so advanced and with it and think of you with pity, but not disdain!

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