Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Incredible Flautist Richard Craig

If you have any interest in the new concert music and the arsenal of flute tone production techniques that have developed over time in that musical form, you must give a listen to Scottish flute exponent Richard Craig.

Right now Mr. Craig has made a recital recording of his unaccompanied playing available as a high-quality download for free, which you'll find under AGP73 in the Avant Garde Project Archives at It consists of a number of pieces by composers I am not familiar with. They are not encore pieces. These are fully worked out compositions of great interest.

Like Gazzeloni before him, Mr. Craig plays with incredible range and dexterity, utilizing both traditional and modern techniques to transform the flute into something with an almost infinite palette of tone color. Those who are interested on how it is all done will appreciate Mr. Craig's performance notes included in the download.

I think you will be quite thrilled with his flute artistry. I was.

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