Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Trespass Trio Combine Conscience with Creative Fire

The Trespass Trio. Three creative souls joined in the common endeavor of musical expression. It's Martin Kuchen on alto and baritone saxes, Per Zanussi on the acoustic bass, and Raymond Strid on percussion. They have a new CD, . . . was there to illuminate the night sky. . . (Clean Feed). It's a good one.

Judging from Mr. Kuchen's rather movingly poetic liner notes, this is a kind of meditation on the horrors of war and the violence in our world today. There are quiet moments. There are blazing improvisations. Everybody cooks freely. No note is superfluous.

It is yet another great example of Clean Feed's musical mission. They look for the best of the new improvisations and they generally find it. Certainly they do here.

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