Thursday, June 12, 2014

B'Shnorkestra, Go to Orange

Go to Orange (PS 1301) introduces us to B'Shnorkestra and the music of Samantha Boshnack, an ambitious proponent of big band/orchestral jazz that has free, avant, ethnic, sometimes Indonesian flavored minimalist aspects, sometimes Latin and/or rock-beat overtones and a sound that has NEW written all over it in large letters. The orchestra has a seven-person string section well used, plus three horns (including Ms. Boshnack on trumpet), two drummers and several guest artists (conga, violin and gender/rebab).

This is music that has drive and lays out well. The line interplay between horns and strings is something to hear. Altogether this is a different sort of music, clearly in the jazz camp but pan-ethnic too and sometimes startling in its juxtapositions.

It makes excellent use of strings and horns in a modern new jazz context. I would say it presents some of the most interesting combinations I've heard so far this decade!

It's a hearing-is-believing sort of album. A blow-by-blow description of the eight pieces here would bog down so I refrain.

I heartily recommend you hear this one!

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