Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Naked Wolf, Ahum

We enter into new territory again today with a jazz-rock-alt-avant group from Europe, recorded in Amsterdam. They are Naked Wolf; the album is Ahum (Clean Feed 383). It's an eclectically electric outfit, a quintet  with Luc Ex on electric bass, Yedo Gibson on reeds, Gerri Jager on drums, Felicity Provan on trumpet and lead vocals, and Mikael Szafirowski on electric guitar and alternate lead vocals.

The order of the day is intricately crafted ensemble interlocks, riffs and post-psychedelic post-new wave songs. They have roots in avant rock bands from the '80s-'90s perhaps, but they attain their own sound via the unique syntheses, the songs that go into the mix, written by various members of the band for the most part.

Drums and bass lay down an advanced jazz-rock matrix that the guitar parts accentuate in polycounter style while the horns have parts to realize as well as out solo spaces, especially from Yedo.

Felicity's vocals have an iconoclastic jolt that put a present sprechstimme post-punk cap on it all. Mikael's vocals do so as well in their own way.

Those who like a rock-foundationed avant music or like the idea of that in any event will find this to their liking, I do think. I am digging it myself.


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