Thursday, October 17, 2019

Derek Bailey, Han Bennink, Evan Parker, Topographie Parisienne, Dunois, April 3d, 1981

Dunois. April 3rd, 1981. Whatever the weather, if darker or lighter the sky, not much matters in that wise save it made it possible for Derek Bailey, guitar, Han Bennink, drums, and Evan Parker, sax, to get together and play some extensive improvisations together live and that Jean-Marc Foussat was on hand to record it. We happily have the four-CD set now to appreciate this gig, entitled Topographie Parisienne (Fou FR CD 34-35-36-37).

Bailey and Parker had already made a huge impression on the world via their involvement with selves and others, as members of the Music Improvisation Company, the Spontaneous Music Ensemble and in various other configurations. Han Bennink was a critical member of the Dutch Improv scene, the ICP Orchestra and etc. The three together was an auspicious and lovely thing as these four CDs beautifully attest.

We get two LP length cuts of the entire trio plus an LPs worth of Bailey-Parker duets, a half hour of Bailey and Bennink together and another of Bennink and Parker. Then as a sort of bonus we also have solo Parker for two ten-minute stints.

By the time these sides were waxed the world of Improv was fully a thing unto itself and recognized as such. Parisienne audiences no doubt knew what they were hearing or most might well have. The simpatico vibes were apparent as all three turn in some of their very best work, in all configurations.

This is seminal improv. Do not miss it if you are a fan! If not, give it a try anyway! Here are four reasons why each is considered a master stylist in Improv. They are on their game in the very best ways! Bravo!

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