Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Eve Risser, Apres un Reve, Solo Piano

From pianist Eve Risser we have the live solo EP Apres un Reve (Clean Feed CF 524CD) recorded in concert at FGO Barbara in Paris, 2018.

What stands out about this composition-performance is the heightened inside-the-piano acuity of the sound, by strumming directly the strings of the piano, plucking, hitting and conventional key stroking, but at times with some amount of involvement of preparation of the strings, if perhaps with the fingers and hand alone at times. That and the fascinating polyrhythms she produces as an integral part of the piece set this very much apart from the usual fare.

There is eventually once the work gets going a mesmeric quality that sounds rather African and/or Minimalistic. The harmonic beauty, especially of the introduction, is also stunning.

I could describe this one with many more words, but I would think a single listen would cover all of it handily. And if you hear it once, no doubt you will want to hear it again!

Highly recommended. A tour de force of new pianism.

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