Thursday, September 10, 2009

Patrick Moraz and Bill Bruford Live

Multi-keyboardist Patrick Moraz and rock-jazz drum legend Bill Bruford recorded several duet studio albums in the mid-'80s that were well received. It turns out that there was a very high quality live recording made during that period which is only now seeing the light of day. In Tokyo (Winterfold) gives you a good hour of the duo at their best.

It's a wide-ranging performance that shows Moraz to be a melodist of inventive fullness with an orchestral approach to the aggregate of instruments that contrasts and sets off Bruford's propulsive yet subtle drumming.

The music has prog-fuse ambiance. There's plenty of variety in the feels explored, from Jarrett and Corea influenced lyricism and drive to dense and dynamic post-prototypical jazz-rock.

It's a duo who could run the gauntlet of possibilities and they do so impressively in this live concert. It's another goodly tribute to Bill Bruford's keen ears and musical execution and shows Moraz to be a totally worthy partner in the endeavor.

Drummers and their friends will love this music. But just plain old listeners will have much to like as well.

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