Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ted Sirota with A New Rebel Souls Album

A couple weeks ago we discussed a fine Ted Sirota recording of several years back. Today we look at a brand new one, Seize the Time (Naim). What was true of the earlier disk is true of this one too. A diverse series of styles are corralled into Sirota's musical ranch, each taking on the brand of the ensemble sound the band so successfully projects. There are funky moments, free moments, transformations of reggae and other Caribbean strains, Afropop, vintage Mingus and more else besides. It all gets processed to become Rebel Souls music.

This is a different lineup than the one on the previously reviewed recording. It is distinctive in its own way. Geof Bradfield and Greg Ward play reeds, Dave Miller is the guitarist, Jake Vinsel, bass and of course Mr. Sirota is a guiding presence on the drums. They come through with that rare inside-outside ability to shift their playing according to the piece at hand without sacrificing their own stylistic integrity.

What particularly distinguishes this Rebel Souls disk is the long and variously contrasting program of interesting originals. But like the best of classic Chicago music, the story is all in the telling. The excitement and raw power generated by the players fit seamlessly into the clearly articulated arrangements and routines of the ensemble.

Another smashingly good one from Ted Sirota. Seize the time. And get the CD.

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