Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sonny Simmons, Delphine Latil, Symphony of the Peacocks, 2011

This is not your typical Sonny Simmons album. It's him on cor anglais and alto, Delphine Latil on harp, a little studio manipulation of the sound at the beginning, and a cosmic approach in general. Symphony of the Peacocks (Improvising Beings ib04) is so well done that you don't miss the "other" Sonny of fire and heat.

And after all, he's done similar excursions on Manhattan Egos and Burning Spirits, just not in such concentrated form as here.

Latil's harp and the kind of quasi-eastern sound of the whole at first brings to mind classic Alice Coltrane. And such comparisons are not out of place. But ultimately there is a LOT of pure Sonny here, and Delphine Latil has her own, somewhat more linear melodic approach on harp.

Symphony of the Peacocks occupies a singular place, so far as I know, in Sonny Simmons' output. It is quite beautiful and there is much to explore here. Go to a new world with this one and stay for a while. You'll come back refreshed and rejuvenated, I will be willing to bet.

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