Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zusaan Kali Fasteau (Kali. Z. Fasteau), Worlds Beyond Words, 1987-89

In our continuing look at Kali. Z. Fasteau's music we have today what appears to be the first CD release on her Flying Note label (9001), Worlds Beyond Words from 1987-89.

It is one of the finest of her albums from a solo perspective, she contributes very characteristic cosmic tones on sanza, soprano, vocals, piano, ney, shakuhachi, kaval, mizmar and berimbau.
She is most notably and effectively joined by the great Rashied Ali on drums, Bob Cunningham on contrabass, Elizabeth Panzer, harp, James C. Jamison, guitar, David Cornick, percussion, and Paul Leake on tabla. The group members come in and out as needed, with Kali being the primary focus.

Rashied sounds great, all members contribute effectively, but this is Kali in a more front-and-center context than is sometimes the case. She comes through with individuality, conviction and free, yet focused energy. And it presents a free-world ethos in the tradition of John Coltrane's and Don Cherry's pace-setting music. There are memorable moments throughout--beautifully atmospheric flute, Trane-dedicated soprano, nice piano spotlights and vocals that project well and open up a sound world to us.

If you want to know where Kali is musically, this may be the best place to begin. It's a goodie.

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