Monday, July 10, 2017

Jared Sims, Change of Address

A new baritone man has arrived. His name is Jared Sims and his latest album is Change of Address (Ropeadope). This modern-day hard bop from the agile baritonist has the torque of a hard hitting organ combo putting it all together nicely behind him.

Jared is joined by Steve Fell on electric guitar, Nina Ott on organ, Chris Lopes on bass and Jared Seabrook on drums. They lock in with the solid grooves that form the bedrock over which everything happens.

And Jared's baritone pushes it all ahead with a stock of good ideas in a post-Pepper-Adams and beyond mode. He has the sound and the good note choice of a formidable baritone exponent.

Seven game originals grace the set and allow Jared to reach maximal expression levels. Steve and Nina spell him with some worthy solos.

In all, good times and good jazz are to be had on Change of Address. Sims comes through and you will be grinning and tapping your foot to this I will safely bet.

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