Monday, December 26, 2022

Marina Hasselberg, Red


Vancouver cellist Marina Hasselberg comes through with a startling debut effort, the  blockbuster Red (Redshift CD and Limited Edition LP). By refusing to be pinned down to some set mould, she covers much ground in time and space, from solo cello outings that recall but rechannel Bachian modes, to some wondrous  group ambient and avant improvisatory brilliances featuring Ms Hasselberg with a freewheeling Quintet that includes notable individual and group contributions of substance from the  lot--including Aram Bajakian on spacey electric guitar, Kenton Loewen on drums, Giorgio Magnanensi on electronics, and Jesse Zubot on violin,.

The ten more or less short sequences cover magic  music poetics in all kinds of ways and with heartening nuance always. Each cut is its own adventure, together making for a hearteningly fresh go at the possibilities. Ms. Hasselberg is a formidably strong cellist in sound and note choice. Each cut shows her making her own pathways with ultimate musicianship. Her quintet chalks in musically astute and dynamic profundity without fail.

It may be a sleeper but all told one of those hidden gems it is well worth your effort to discover and appreciate. Warmly recommended.

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