Friday, December 9, 2022

Rodrigo Amado, The Field, Motion Trio, Alexander von Schlippenbach


Some artists are so situated in the music today that it is a good idea to catch ALL of the releases if you can, because each is likely to catch lightening in a bottle. Looking back on these pages I have covered a good deal of the albums featuring Portuguese tenor sax master Rodrigo Amado. And each has something central to contribute to the Free Avant Jazz scene as we live it now. He is one of those do-not-miss-anything artists for me.

So naturally I made note when a new one came out recently. The Field (NoBusiness Records NBCD 141)  It is one long live improvisation for Amado and his Motion Trio that includes Miguel Mira on cello and Gabriel Ferrandini on drums, both laying down a nicely open free rhythm section wash, with inventive fullness that goes against it all in ways that egg the whole of it on.

An important instrumental addition for this set is the Free Jazz ace pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach who forms an altogether prime contrast line and chord spelling nexus between his own self and the trio, especially Amado. They articulate a wonderful pairing off and pairing on together again as the music proceeds.

In the end we have another gem with Amado and company in a fine fettle indeed. It speaks well of the health of the Free Jazz scene. But more of that in the coming weeks. Enjoy this one!

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