Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dan Block, Duality

Dan Block, the musician, the improvising reedman, the recording artist, the person, has been rattling around the edges of my experience for a time now, yet I have been guilty of not paying him enough mind. Until now.

The last album, Duality (Miles High), arrived a while back and I put it on. That's what did it. Made me pay attention. It is a series of duets of Dan on tenor, alto, clarinet, baritone, bass clarinet and an interesting and varied batch of artists: Ted Rosenthal, piano, Lee Hudson, bass, Paul Meyers, guitar, Catherine Russell, vocals, Rosanno Sportiello, piano, Mark Sherman, vibes, and on and anon. The recording concludes with a trio of Dan on tenor with Lee Hudson and Tim Horner (drums) and that's the way to go, break your own self-imposed rule sometimes.

The important thing of course is the music. Each track shows a side of Dan's improvising prowess in the main-stem/mainstream tradition and gives you a look at a chemically sound interaction with an equally individual player. And the music swings, burns and goes to very nice places indeed.

For that reason you should get a copy and make yourself happy. Dan Block is good!

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