Friday, January 11, 2013

Jason Robinson, Tiresian Symmetry

Some artists can get into the middle of what's new and hip and do it so well they go a long way to defining the scene, epitomizing it. That's the case with reedman-composer Jason Robinson and his album Tiresian Symmetry (Rune 346).

It's a large-band effort with some great part writing, free excitement, beautiful soloists and a kind of post-Milesian rock-funk collectivity.

Jason has gathered together some killer players for the date. Himself of course and Marty Ehrlich, George Schuller, Ches Smith, Drew Gress, Marcus Rojas, JD Parran and others. All work together excellently and can solo as a group or individually and make it all definite, defining.

The compositions are out and in in the best ways. This is modern, Jack! Every line is worth listening to closely and the sum effect is very, very impressive.

Let this one loose on your player and revel in its many shades of sounds.

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