Monday, January 28, 2013

Marc Riordan Quartet, Binoculars

If Thelonious Monk and Paul Bley do things for you, and you'd like the hear something that extends that music, the Marc Riordan Quartet and their Binoculars (Club Nerodia CN01) will give you a nice jolt.

Chicago-based, the quartet has angularity and plenty of free invention. Marc does the piano, Peter Hanson is on alto, Daniel Thatcher gets the bass going, and Tim Daisy swings the drums.

It's freebop with grit and joy. Riordan's originals have a satisfying ring to them and the band gets it very right in the choruses of improvisation.

Some of it frees it up and some of it gets a swinging outness, but it all gives me a lot of pleasure. These guys have IT!

Sometimes it's almost as if Monk lives inside of this band, but so convincingly so that you revel in it. Search this one out.

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