Friday, December 9, 2016

Keith Jarrett, A Multitude of Angels

For those who try and keep up with Keith Jarrett's recorded output there can be a daunting array of choices, given his long and distinguished history as one of contemporary jazz's very greatest exponents of the piano. Now we have a substantial 4-CD set of never before released solo concert material from a 1996 tour of Italy, A Multitude of Angels (ECM ). 

It was a last time that Keith played continuous sets without pause, long improvisations, and it was also recorded during an inspired period. The four separate nights are each represented on a single disk.

This is a Jarrett not as much concerned with the lyrical Lisztian  romantic side, nor is there much in the way of standards, one or two presented as encores. Instead it is a Jarrett immersed in the various jazz orientations he had become known for, minus the post-Evans bop/post-bop side of things.

He delves deeply into "free" avant playing, his personal approach to gospel-funk and otherwise very rhythmic or soaring flights, and some beautifully down-to-earth balladic moments.

It is one of his best solo outings of his later period, with free-flowing improvisations within his most original zones. Is it his very best solo recording? No, I would not say that. But anyone captivated by his more ambitious solo music will find it up there among the best of the "Beyond Koln" era. Any serious Jarrett fan/collector will welcome the music as I did.

Thank you Maestro Jarrett!

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