Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sidney Jacobs, First Man

Lou Rawls and Gil Scott-Heron? Maybe a little Leon Thomas?  I hear roots in this, soul jazz vocalist Sidney Jacobs' First Man (Babychubs), his first album and a good one. He carves his own contemporary path with a tip of the hat to those that came before. Fact is, though, that he is on his own turf. He sings with lots of soul and finesse, his songs are memorably strong and nicely arranged. He covers a few others well, too, notably "My Favorite Things."

I like what he's done for a full band with horns and rhythm. And with a smaller band as well.

And he can sing!

This is what a debut album should be. It introduces to us Sidney's wide world of jazz and soul infused hipness.

Check this one out!

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