Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Possibilities, Get 'Em

A trio named Possibilities has made a CD and I find it very good. Get 'Em (Possibilities/DAJ Records DAJ 001) is the title. Tim Bennett mans the saxophones and wrote most of the material on the program. Dan Stein plays acoustic bass. Peter Manheim is on drums.

There are song structures along with an avant freedom, in a contemporary mix with an eclectic edge that it seems an increasing number of new jazz artists utilize in personal ways. Bennett has a mastery of the flowing contemporary line that reminds me of the "Beatrice" phase of Sam Rivers, or for that matter the in-and-out complexities of some of jazz's greatest of '60s-and-beyond masters.

So there are loose funk modes and beautifully swinging grooves, free "rubato" adventures, all of it forwarded in nicely attractive, spontaneous ways. The rhythm section does quite a bit more than pull their own weight. Mannheim and Stein are schooled and soulful teammates that set off Bennett's very considerable sax facility and imagination.

Bennett has no trace of the derivative lick folks who were coming up a while ago. He is blessed with the seeming ability to hew his own lines at all times, none of them overly beholden to the masters that have come before but also permeated with the essence of later jazz developments.

There is a very enjoyable and moving straddling of past and present, innovation and respect for the elders, jazz art essentials and future movement instantiations. This is movement and it is also a joy.

Bennett seems destined for something important. This trio already is there! So check it out.

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