Thursday, May 4, 2017

Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo, Peace, Tribute to Kelly Churko

The recorded opus of avant jazz composer-pianist Satoko Fujii continues to grow, impressively. There is a consistency of innovative thoroughgoingness and dedicative detail. One of the latest, Peace (Libra 217-039), is by the Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo. A lively and well disposed ensemble of 14 Japanese avant jazz stalwarts, including Fujii partner Natsuki Tamura, is joined by guests but Fujii music familiars Christian Provost and Peter Orins on trumpet and drums, respectively.

There are three compositions by Fujii, one by Tamura. They show us a dynamic and exciting band running through with interpretive and soloistic acumen the well-sequenced thematic, sectional, individual and collective improvisational-compositional excellence one comes to expect from the Fujii/Tamura ethos.

You are in the process treated to endlessly recombinatory improvisational pairings and solos along with some blisteringly hot or alternatively introspective compositional elements.

It has all the Fujii complexities and memorability. In a selfless way what it does not have is the Fujii piano, or for that matter any piano playing whatsoever. But this band is filled with excellent musicians who are called upon to create vast expanses of cosmically charged sound.

It is important music, something anyone following the cutting edge of the new jazz should definitely hear.

Highly recommended.

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