Thursday, June 8, 2017

Leap of Faith Orchestra, Supernovae

Leap of Faith Orchestra is New England sax-jazz composer-bandleader PEK's large ensemble. It returns with an ambitious new album, Supernovae (Evil Clown 9125). For this recording the band numbers some 21 musicians conversant with the vocabulary and thrust of free jazz today.

Supernovae is a live, nearly 80-minute sonic extravaganza that the group let loose with at the Somerville Armory last year. There are endless combinations and permutations of the vast instrumental capabilities and timbral combinations of which the ensemble is capable. Some sort of compositional-conductional schema is clearly at work throughout.

However PEK and his ensemble regulated their sound and silences, their assertions and combinatory presences, there results torrents and trickles, small activated cells and large tutti outbursts fascinating and moving to hear. All 21 players use the freedom available to them wisely.

The finished product has the excitement of the best free large ensembles of Silva, Rivers, Taylor and  JCOA. It is excellent fare for the dedicated avant jazz aficionado.

It that describes you, then this is doubtless for you! It is a very worthwhile listen. 

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