Thursday, June 29, 2017

Vadam Neselovskyi Trio, Get Up and Go

I must say that the recent CD by Vadim Neselovskyi and his trio, Get Up and Go (jazz family-blujazz BJ3449), is getting my attention in the best ways. Think of Bad Plus for compositions-arrangements on a high level, but then ratchet it up a couple of notches. The intricate compositions of Neselovskyi carry the day, very much so. But they work because the trio (with the fine vocals of Sara Sherpa on a couple of cuts) play the living daylights out of them. They have worked hard no doubt to get themselves into a razor-sharp executionary mode. The results are plaintive in moving ways at times, but then exciting, dynamic, forcefully resilient at other times.

This is virtuoso modern jazz, made possible by the considerable abilities of Vadim, plus Ronen Itzik on drums, Dan Loomis on acoustic bass. They rollick and raise the veritable roof so that you cannot ignore or background what is going on, try as you might (though I surrendered early on to the spell of this one). Neselovskyi has some beautiful improvisational moments throughout, which only add to the proceedings.

I do find myself enthralled with this one. It is something readily understood as contemporary piano trio modernism, but then an original gesture in its own right.

Oh, yes!

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