Friday, June 9, 2017

Zack Clarke, Random Acts of Order

More interesting free-avant improvisation-jazz by artists I am not very familiar with? I am happy to say yes. Today it is a matter of one Zack Clarke, pianist, electronician, leader of a very capable trio on the album Random Acts of Order (Clean Feed 409).

This is a free trio with a decided difference. Henry Fraser is the double bassist, Dre Hocevar the drummer, and they both contribute much to the outcome. But it is Clarke's pianism that especially wins me over. He has a well developed harmonic sense and a great touch, yet he fits in not much at all with the Paul Bley vs Keith Jarrett-Bill Evans vs Cecil Taylor schools. Actually if I think about it he may have some affinity with early Burton Greene, but not in any obvious way. And there is a jagged quality that may channel Bley but only in the most whispie sense.

He covers spooky ambiance and topsy-turvey free rolling post-swing. And he does it in his very own way. It is an album that hangs together very well.

Zack and trio bring to us another way to slice the avant pie. It is a pleasure to hear and experience this. Something new!

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