Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Szilard Mezei Trio; Barmikor, Most (Anytime, Now), 2006

Szilard Mezei's Barmikor, Most (Anytime, Now) (Not Two 794-2) provides listeners with an up-close earful of Szilard's original viola style in a lively trio setting. Ervin Malina's bass playing is a key part of the mix, as his arco playing matches Szilard's for ostinatos and such, and he is otherwise quite pleasingly articulate. Istvan Csik drums through the set with a freewheeling exuberance that fits the music.

Szilard Mezei shows us here why he is a violist in the free realm that needs to be taken seriously as an innovator, a composer of stature, and a bandleader that brings out the best in his well-chosen cohorts.

Another good one!

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