Friday, January 24, 2014

Bob Dorough, Duets

Bob Dorough prevails, he flourishes, still. The one singer Miles agreed to record with at the height of his powers? Bob Dorough. A singer-songwriter supreme in the jazz realm, he may not always get the attention he deserves. Even now. But you know what? That is their problem, not ours.

So here is new Bob Dorough, released in the middle of last year but a few months aren't going to matter. It's a set of Duets (self-released) of Bob and a bunch of game folks. Proceeds benefit the Delaware Water Gap Celebration of the Arts Festival (COTA), and that's great.

What most counts is Bob still sounds very good and his songs, many I do not know, are front and center along with that stinging wit. The duets are with such as the New York Voices (a nice version of "Devil May Care"), Nellie McKay, Janis Siegel and etc.

The ever-young hipness of Dorough comes through here, and plenty of classic and potential classic tunes from the uniquely Doroughian way of looking at it all. The musicians are doing the jazz thing for real. The singers that join with him give each a special spin but it's really still all about Dorough. And that is something to be about!

Get this and support a great cause. To buy a copy go to

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