Friday, January 24, 2014

Pete McGuinness, Voice Like A Horn

Not everything is known. We don't know everything. And sometimes, we learn just by hearing. Take singer-trombonist Pete McGuinness and his CD Voice Like A Horn (Summit 609). You look at the cover, you have no idea what is inside. Could be anything. But then you listen. Hey!

Pete McGuiness is a real-deal jazz singer in the tenor register and a very decent trombonist-arranger, too. The album has roots in classic bop and after, the horns and rhythm section give out with the good stuff. But above it is Pete the singer. At first you think Chet Baker, because it's that register and a little gentleness at times like Chet. But, no, the cat has a bell-like tone when he gets working. He phrases and scats beautifully and the arrangements are hip.

We are talking mostly classic songbook songs here. But the arrangements and singing put it where it should be, a launching pad for jazz-ness.

I don't like every singer I hear, of course. They must have that something that puts them over. Pete McGuinness has that something! I mean it. Listen to this guy.

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