Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Defunkt, Live at Channel Zero

Defunkt has long been one of the first among progressive funk outfits, but also a sort of thinking-feeling man-woman's band. Trombonist-bandleader and legend Joseph Bowie has been holding funk court for years now and I am happy so say we are all once again...BUSTED for getting with it all.

There's a new one out and I've been appreciating it this week. Defunkt Live at Channel Zero (ESP 5008) gives us seven gems from Ljubjana, Slovenia last year plus a 2007 encore from Dortmund.

It's a potent lineup with Joseph torridly manning his bone and doing the lead vocals, John Mulkerin blasting off on post-Milesian trumpet, and Bill Bickford and Ronny Drayton giving us some kicking funk chording and solid screaming soloing on guitars. And the rhythm section burns with Kim Clarke on bass and Kenny Martin on drums.

The band is in top form, keeping the funk alive and fired up, ignoring or jettisoning anything that doesn't cook like the devil. They remain at the center of the avant funk fringe and keep it fresh with total funking friction.

You don't want that, leave it alone. But for all who can groove still, this one is for you. Oh, yes.

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