Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Benji Kaplan, Uai So

Benji Kaplan's Uai So (self released) is so unexpected that it cannot be pigeonholed. Not at all. Benji gives us an album of his songs, his vocals, his nylon-stringed guitar. They and he are Brazilian (by way of New York, but that is just a matter of space!), and there is substantial melodic content and lilt happening.

But then the music is arranged for chamber ensemble and so finely done as to fall into a new music classical camp as well as one for songstership.

And truth to tell the two aspects of this music fit together so well thanks to Benji's sensibilities that the results are absolutely uncanny.

The music flows beautifully and oscillates between Brazilian song and new classical so rapidly as to truly meld together as one unprecedented newness.

Honestly this one is so well fabricated and substantial as to get me reeling with surprise and delight.

This fellow is something else! Something else!

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