Monday, October 24, 2016

I Belong to the Band, Bakers of the Lost Future

There is over-the-top music and then there is music that is over the top of that. I Belong to the Band and their Bakers of the Lost Future (inexhaustible editions 2016) belongs to the second tier of outness. It is a collective snort into deep space. I mean the snoring snort. The deep dream snort.

All came together, as these things sometimes do, as a near accident. Vocalist Jean-Michel van Schouwberg and live concrete artist Adam Bohman were invited to Budapest to do the soundtrack for Peter Strickland's second film, "Berberian Sound Studio." Multi-instrumentalist and electronician Zsolt Sores booked studio time and gathered together with the two and resident vibraphonist-synth-miscellanea transforming Oliver Mayne. Add Katalan Ladik on vocals for one cut and you have the spontaneous two-CD set on hand.

It is one of those sessions where everyone intuits the objectives and comes up with premier ultra-outer collective improvs that, to me anyway, completely nail down a long moment of utterly alien sound art. The melange of sound-timbre-tones is bracing, brilliant, bewitching and things too complex to give a name to.

Just listen to the CD-length "intergalactic goulash vs sneezawee gaspacho" for starters. It goes a long way and covers many spontaneous  movements where no one is attempting to stand out and in the process ALL stand out. It is a remarkably successful, poetically fulsome blast of creative nihilist affirmation.

This is seriously out music that manages to be great fun at the same time. The Budapest air must have had just the right makeup! Everything very much hangs together.

Anyone into a new outness, a collage of meaningful noise, seek no further!!

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