Monday, October 3, 2016

Sonus Inenarrabilis, Nine Live Plays the Music of John Clark

John Clark, of course, has been the first-call jazz French hornist of choice in the music for many years. He is also a very talented jazz composer, and his new CD may surprise a few and gladden many as to how talented he is! Sonus Inenarrabilis, Nine Live Plays the Music of John Clark (Mulatta 033) is a rather breathtaking gathering of six chamber jazz works played beautifully by John, Dan Cooper, bass, and a nine-tet that includes clarinet, violin, cello, viola, drums, bassoon and keyboards, conducted by Thomas Carlo Bo.

Some of these pieces were written a while ago ("Turbulence" is from 1984), others are new. All are smart, musically profound chamber jazz gems with new music complexities atop a bedrock of soulfulness that makes of this music something outstanding.

The part writing and its judicious interplay between winds, strings and rhythm is endlessly stimulating and rewarding. It is music George Russell no doubt would have liked because of its substance combined with its drive.

We get a good bit of John's marvelous French horn work but this is especially about the ensemble interactivity and the stunning blend of voices, the sometimes startling, always original combination of lines.

Get this, you who want to hear some really great compositions, modern as a giant LED screen, as directly communicating as a good storyteller in front of a glowing campfire. Bravo!

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