Friday, February 5, 2010

Andrew Drury Captured Live on a Very Good Night

Andrew Drury as a drummer-bandleader may not be the most familiar commodity out there among listeners. Yet based on the evidence of his My Fingers Will Be Your Tears, recently and happily issued as a Cadence Jazz CD, he probably should be. First of all, he knows "how to pick them." The recording combines Drury, Briggan Krauss and Myra Melford as a trio. That turns out to be a very good thing. Briggan Krauss on alto is a dynamically inspired force here and Myra Melford on piano shows why she is one of the most important and eloquent players in the post-Cecil (Taylor)-not Cecil (Taylor) mode. Andrew's drumming brings out the virtues of the musical forms suggested by the various pieces and he also just sounds good, whatever the context.

The recording comes out of a live date at NYC's open-ended Roulette club, 2004. Clearly the presence of a sympathetic audience puts the group in a special place.

This is improvisation/free-ish jazz that you might play for someone who wants to know what that music is all about. It has that bellwether quality to it. Excellent music for both those new to this form and those well-versed in it. It's one of my favorite things right now.

Go to the Cadence website ( for further details.

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