Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trombonist John Fedchock and his Sextet Live

Hard bop of the Blue Note variety lives on today with a plethora of ensembles making what they will of the style. Some are better at it than others. John Fedchock's NY Sextet is one of the best. Their Live at the Red Sea Jazz Festival (CAPRI 74102-2) bears this out.

On it you have trombonist Fedchock in a lucid mode, post-Trane tenorist Walt Weiskopf doing what he does best, trumpetmeister Scott Wendholt getting in his licks, and an eloquent Allen Farnham on piano heading up the rhythm team that also includes David Finck on bass (walking and soloing well) and Dave Ratajczak holding forth from the drum throne.

Here's a band that takes advantage of the three-horn front line with nicely turned voicings a la the style, and has the kind of good soloing abilities from all concerned so that extended renditions do not bog down with lackluster moments.

It is not music designed to change the shape of the future jazz firmament. It's just very tasteful straightahead blowing of a high order. A very good listen indeed!

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