Friday, August 26, 2011

Julio Resende's Piano and Trio Shine Warmly On "You Taste Like A Song"

Portuguese pianist Julio Resende has a kind of poetic touch. His trio date You Taste Like A Song (Cleen Feed 216) waxes that way. A reflective Silencio--For the Fado opens the album with a beautifully glowing balladic-free piece that seems full of saudade longing.

The trio has alternating bassists and drummers and they all do good yeoman's service accompanying and abetting Julio's improvisations, getting space of their own as well. The original pieces have something musical to grab onto virtually all the time and Resende plays like he means it.

There's a hint of mid-period Jarrett in terms of brightness, but not enough to say that he is a disciple. It's Julio's own way that comes to the fore on the CD. The title cut is especially attractive, with a fairly up bossa-rock feel and a kind of luminescent chordal melodic progression that enchants the senses.

There are some effective acoustic funk-rock trio forays, more helpings of balladic charm, moments of Bley-like freedom and use of trio space, a little of the Guaraldi-Jarrett gospel chordings, and plenty of different feels to keep the soul in a zone that rubs on one's musical concentration like Alladin on the magic lamp. And the CD closes with Monk's "Straight No Chaser" in a very personal sort of version.

It's another good one from Cleen Feed. It's a very good one for Julio Resende. Modern piano trio nuts should find plenty to crack here.

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