Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trumpeter Thomas Heberer's Trio on "Klippe," Solo Trumpet on "One" for "Clarino," a 2-LP Set

Trumpet stalwart Thomas Heberer is doing in his own way what a guy like Peter Evans is doing in the States. Making it new.

Heberer's double LP Clarino (No Business LP 31/32) gives you two aspects of his music: "Klippe," a chamber trio offering, and "One," a solo trumpet record. Joachim Badenhorst brings his post-Giuffre clarinet and bass-clarinet into the mix; Pascal Niggenkemper holds forth on contrabass. It's a program of free music that can be relatively placid or energetic alternatively, but in a pretty quiet way. It has the kind of modern dialogic interactions that have a modern classical ring to them. Yet the personalities of Heberer and Badenhorst especially give the sound the expressivity of "free jazz." It's very nice to hear and wears well after a bunch of listens.

For "One" Heberer goes it alone. He lays back more so than what Peter Evans does in this sort of context. Thomas gets a sound that reminds me of a weed wacker--something to do with a shift in the embouchure--and he uses that timbre along with a more clarion (yet soft) tone to good effect. It has a more tranquil approach than one usually expects, and that is not at all off-putting once one gets with the program.

An interesting free session, well played.

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