Monday, August 13, 2012

Kali. Z. Fasteau, People of the Ninth, with Kidd Jordan, 2006

It is time for another CD in our survey of the music of Kali. Z. Fasteau: People of the Ninth--New Orleans and the Hurricane 2005 (Flying Note CD9011). It's a well-paced program of music that features Kidd Jordan in great form on tenor with Kali on piano, cello, soprano sax, nai flute and aquasonic, and Michael T. A. Thompson on drums and balafon.

Much of the program pairs Kidd's lucid emotive sax virtuosity with widely overarching freedom drumming from Michael and Kali matching Kidd with her idiomatic and wholly appropriate sound expressions on the various instruments she here chooses to foreground. The nai flute is breathy and limber, piano tumultuous and sonically multivoiced, cello gnarly, soprano cosmic and so forth.

There are no random or tentative moments throughout the hour set. Everyone focuses and gets each segment zoned in.

Most definitely one of Kali's best and Kidd Jordan/Michael T.A. Thompson at their finest.

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