Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tyson Naylor Trio, Kosmonauten

A fanfare sort of rolling Ornette-cum-Jarrett figure sets the Tyson Naylor Trio's Kosmonauten (Songlines 1594-2) off and rolling. Some free playing and a riff in 10 comes into play and Tyson does a sort of Bley-Jarrett rollicking solo.

Tyson is a native of Vancouver. After three years in Berlin, he returns to his homeland and gives us a nicely put together trio offering here. It's Tyson on piano, Skye Brooks on drums and Russell Sholberg on acoustic bass. Francois Houle joins the enclave on clarinet for several numbers.

The emphasis is on loose contemporary free-influenced piano trio music a la post-Jarrett. There is a modified boogie, a rather lovely jazz-waltz, some free excursions, bluesy ballads, some swinging, and a song very Carla Bley-like...in other words, a good bit of variety. Houle makes a fine addition on the tracks he graces.

All in all Tyson Naylor is off to a nice start for his return to home. If he continues to develop along his own lines, he will be even more compelling. As it is this is eclectic, well done modern piano trio music.

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