Friday, August 10, 2012

Rodrigo Amado, Motion Trio & Jeb Bishop, Burning Live at Jazz AO Centro

Here's a session that smokes. Tenor incendiary Rodrigo Amado teams with trombone master Jeb Bishop and the Motion Trio for Burning Live at Jazz AO Centro (JACC 017).

It's an hour of live doings from the AO Centro Festival, Coimbra, Portugal. The group, which includes Miguel Mira on cello and Gabriel Ferrandini on drums, gets into three fairly long free improv pieces.

The rhythm team brings the arrhythmic heat, and Rodrigo and Jeb pour on the fuel to get a continual energy burn. The two are in a red-hot mode, bringing the A-level of energy and inspiration. You hear a bit more of the Archie Shepp "cry" in Rodrigo's playing, perhaps due to Bishop's post-Ruddian all-over smears and incantation-exorcisms. But there is never a question who is playing. It's inspired two-horn free-for-all sublimity from first to last. They play some passages as a duo. The rest is the full band going at it.

Free-avant lovers will find this one irresistible. I most certainly did. I hope the two get to play together and record more.

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