Friday, October 3, 2014

Jean-Marc Foussat, Sylvain Guerineau & Joe McPhee, QUOD

Avant electronician Jean-Marc Foussat has formed a trio of three and set them loose on the dynamically engaging QUOD (Fou CD 05). Open-form freedom improvisation is the order of the day as Jean-Marc mans the synths, the great Joe McPhee has his say on soprano sax and Sylvain Guerineau complements the both on tenor sax.

Out music is the goal and they get there from the beginning. Foussat provides a masterful mix of timbral projections that sets up the horn soloists and furnishes an inventive orchestral electronic backdrop for Guerineau and McPhee to give us their best.

This is full-blown modernism at work. Guerineau keeps up with McPhee in an impressive way, McPhee lets his improvisational instincts take him far afield, and Foussat shows a keen ear for what electronic sounds will work best for the three-way dialog.

Now I could rattle on almost indefinitely about the spontaneous generation of excitement and soul here, but I don't think it would be necessary. All three interlock and do some of their best work.

If you go for the free, the out, and the electronic, this will ring your chimes for sure. It may be a sleeper, but listen a few times and you surely won't be one!

Highly recommended.

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