Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Marcello Magliocchi and Trio 876+, otto sette sei

From Italy today we have the avant Trio 876+ and their CD otto sette sei (Improvising Beings ib33). Trio 876 consists of Marcello Magliocchi on drums, Matthias Boss on violin and Jean-Michel van Schouwburg on vocals. The "plus" are guest artists Roberto del Piano on electric bass and, for two of the 12 pieces, Paolo Falasacone on prepared piano.

This is strictly sound-sculpture oriented expression in a free zone. They find the zone and work consistently in and around it. The lineage to Il Groupo or MEV is not so far fetched in that they all share an uncompromising nature, but the path Trio 876+ travel is theirs, surely.

Perhaps the first thing you notice is the wide-ranging semi-dadaistic vocal presence of van Schouwburg, who gives out with a considerable array of timbres, expressions and dramatically serious silliness. Those who recall John Fischer's "Poum!" vocal style may hear parallels.

There is openness and transparency in the sounds. Space lingers as an important element. Boss's violin is abstract (though his one appearance on piano is a bit more out-"jazzy" sounding). Magliocchi's drums/percussion tends to be irregular/asymmetrical in a modern sense and at times rather sparse but sonically diverse. The electric bass and prepared piano of the guests fit in with the broad spacious expanse of the music.

It is music of an advanced improvisational nature. Not pointillistic so much as periodistic and evenemental. The confirmed avant new music improv listener will no doubt take to this music, as I did, after a few listens. Those not versed in the idiom will need to make a serious effort and hear this more than once. It is a genuine statement and for that I do find it of real interest.

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