Friday, April 22, 2016

Peter Kuhn, Dave Sewelson, Gerald Cleaver, Larry Roland, Our Earth / Our World

Peter Kuhn is one of those important avant jazz figures who doesn't always get the credit he deserves as a saxophonist of stature. The reasons for that are many, and I do not need to go into them here. But happily we have a new album with Peter and a fine quartet of fellow travelers in great form, Our Earth / Our World (pf Mentum CD 096). It's the band live as part of Arts for Arts Our Earth / Our World series, recorded in NYC this past April, 2015.

It's a full blown blast off into free-avant territory with Peter on alto, tenor and Bb clarinet, nicely seconded by Dave Sewelson on baritone and sopranino, Larry Roland, bass, and Gerald Cleaver, drums. The recording is clear and mostly well balanced, if perhaps not of the highest quality, but the music itself is such that you forget about that once it all gets going and zero in on what is happening.

Peter and Dave get some magical two-horn dialogs rolling, but then also take plenty of solo space on their own too. Larry and Gerald bring to our ears a free-zoned and primally grooved rhythm tandem and keep the fire stoked nicely. Gerald is one of those drummers who should be listened to carefully because he is always inventive and well worth the attention.

It's some fire-y free music in the avant tradition and a rare chance to hear these artists together pushing the envelope and letting everything follow the creative wind.

I am glad to have it and I do recommend you check it out, especially if you do not know these players well or at all. Encore!

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