Monday, June 13, 2016

Bill Payne, Eva Lindal, Carol Liebowitz

Clarinetist Bill Payne did an excellent album with piano icon Connie Crothers a few years back (type his name in the search index box above for my review of that). He returns for another free chamber jazz outing in a CD simply entitled Bill Payne Eva Lindal Carol Liebowitz (Line Art Records LA1001CD).

Payne on clarinet, Lindal on violin and Liebowitz on piano hold forth well on 11 segments of chamber jazz collective improvisation. Nothing was worked out beforehand; all was generated spontaneously as it was recorded.

And the results? It is a very imaginative trio music we hear, three equals giving each other free reign and equal interplay for a varied sequence of moods and inventions. All are very accomplished artists and the expression "the whole is more than the sum of its parts" certainly applies. They form a tripartite confluence that is of course much more than three individual solos sewn together. Via deep listening they gain exponentially and we are the happy beneficiaries.

Highly recommended for all who might be drawn towards some modern and exceptional collective improvs not quite jazz yet not quite "new music" either. There is much to appreciate!

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