Monday, June 20, 2016

Ingrid Laubrock, Tom Rainey, Buoyancy

Today, another fine free-avant jazz duo, this time from soprano-tenorist Ingrid Laubrock and drummer Tom Rainey, Buoyancy (Relative Pitch RPR 1048).

It consists of four freely improvised segments that show us why Ingrid is at the top of her game as a saxophonist of marked talent and facility. Whether it is an open-form exuberance and dark-toned soulfulness on tenor or a nicely burnished torrent of soprano effusions, she shows us an artistry and imaginative way that puts her at the forefront.

Tom Rainey you expect much from in a context like this, and you surely get it. He maintains a near perfect balance of sonic contrast and dialogic drive that goes very far in making this set striking and beautifully expressive.

This is essential listening for avant enthusiasts. Ingrid gets full aural exposure which she uses to great advantage and shows us a major artist in full bloom. Tom provides us with exemplary drumming that reminds us how key he is. The two together create considerable magic.

Very recommended!

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