Monday, June 27, 2016

Chat Noir, Nine Thoughts for One Word

Chat Noir is an ambitious trio that for 12 years has incorporated ambiance, electronics, chamber and jazz into their own special blend. Their latest, Nine Thoughts for One Word (RareNoise Records RNR 064 available as LP, CD and download), continues the journey with an evocative set that makes the most out of the compositional and soundscaped possibilities.

Original Chat Noir founding members piano-keyboardist Michele Cavallari and bassist Luca Fogagnolo are for this album joined by electronics composer-producer Jan Peter Schwalm on electronics, beats, keys and acoustic guitar. Daniel Calvi guest appears on guitars for three numbers; vocalist Alessandro Tomaselli adds his vocals and lyrics for one number.

It is music with definite soundscaped ambiance, some drive and a wide gamut of electronic timbres. It is an album of substance and sophistication, yet an effective cosmic flow and saturation.

Anyone who is a fan of such things done well, as I am, will find the album to their liking, I surely think. Give it your ears!

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